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It's been an exciting start to 2015 for us here at Torch! Here's what's been going on.

London Bike Show

We made our first appearance at the London Bike Show recently, with a very welcoming reception. From commuters to Olympic medalists had great things to say about Torch and our work to make cyclists safer, and thanks to Chris we have some great autographed helmets from cycling legends like the Brownlee brothers and Sir Chris Hoy!

Not to mention our friend Paolo Savoldelli coming by and giving a picture with Hugh and Jamie! It's really not a bad job we have on these good days!



Unfortunately we are currently in back-order status in the US and N. America due to labor strikes in the west coast ports of the US. Our entire inventory is at port awaiting to be unloaded from the cargo ship, however there is a back up of 30+ ships due to the strike, so we are uncertain when we will receive this shipment this month, but we will make sure to get all back-orders out the very same day we receive our inventory.




We have been hard at work on moving the entire brand forward and have some exciting news to come in the next few months. We look forward to sharing it here first as always and thank you all for helping Torch make its way into the market. 


Much love from team Torch!


Nathan Wills
Nathan Wills